For EU trainees/students/professionals
4 Rooms are to rent in an excellent location

in (Etterbeek) 1040 Brussels, Belgium

(Rent varies from EUR 410 to 450/month)

Four rooms in an apartment situated in a prestigious location of Etterbeek (1040 Brussels) are free to rent. EU institutions and universities are nearby. Trams, metro and bus stops are on the doorstep. The rooms are ideal for professionals/EU employees and trainees/students who want to live with comfort and dignity. Base rent varies from EUR 400- to 450- per month depending on the size and facilities of the room. Provisional charge of EUR 100- needs to be included for lift, cold & hot water, electricity, room heating, cleaning, garden maintenance, private garbage place, high speed internet, insurance and administrative costs of the apartment building. All rooms are fully furnished and also there is a common room for eating and meeting.
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Room 1 : Furnished with sofa - Boulevard side window - Balcony Parquet 

               floor Personal refrigerator surface: 22 sqm.

                Rent: 450-/month + provisional charges  100-

Status: Yet to be rented

Room 2 : Furnished-Boulevard side window-Balcony-Parquet floor-

                surface: 16sqm.

                Rent: 410-/month + provisional charges  100

Status: Rented till 28th Feb. 2018

Room 3 : Furnished-Balcony-Parquet floor-surface: 20 sqm.

                Rent: 430-/month + provisional charges  100

Status:Yet to be rented

Room 4 : Furnished-Parquet floor-surface: 12 sqm.

                Rent: 400-/month + provisional charges  100-

Status: Yet to be rented



Mobile: 0494721934/0487859021    Pnone: 02 6460225 
Contact person: Paul
Location: Blvd. Louis Schmidt 58, 1040 Brussels

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